Aquarius: To be or not be.

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I confess that life taught me to be skeptical for many things, especially never thought anything of what my daily horoscope predicted how it will be my day. Obviously, the more true that he gave importance to “personality trait of Aquarians.” I remember this radical behavior pattern, in my teenage years and cost me more than losing a girlfriend, whether she or the mother “saw the qualities in my match” my alleged, and that for some Being born under the sign of the Zodiac, could disqualify their particular needs.

It is true, no joke. It once had a girlfriend who told me I could not keep me that his mother would advise that we are dreamers, too romantic, lovers of freedom, and we only have the talent to be artists or politicians, and horror … .. What! !!!!, imagine the future of that poor girl with me?. In order to understand it better, let’s look at what it says recoji a publication of the Internet on my sign:


People born under the sign of Aquarius tend to have successful careers in the field of communications, literature, art, electronics and aviation. They dislike being tied to a routine, but may become the good of the community work. These are people who shine in any career that offers them the opportunity to apply their ideals, extraordinary creativity and use their unusual talents.
They need to have a high degree of autonomy in their working hours, and the ability to make decisions without constantly having to obey a superior. Aquarium is a gift, is to be at ease with their colleagues, they are usually active members of societies and clubs in his spare time, and are also successful entrepreneurs. Racing Aquarium: Science, photographer, astrologer, publisher, musician, poet, singer, social worker, inventor or writer.

That punishment and gave me life, presaging a future for me as well … .!!!!!. The few times I read a horoscope was to find the lucky number that I needed to complete my bet in the lottery, and certainly very few times the success. of course, respect for all people who are fervent followers of these faiths.

But today I write this article because when I slept in my dreams appeared to me a beautiful song by John Lennon (the same audience in the video above), I always liked that music. I identify fully with the contents of your letter and the message so human and pragmatic. This translated into our language says:

Imagine there’s no heaven
is easy if you try
no hell below us
above us only sky
Imagine all the people
living for today …

Imagine there’s no countries
is not hard to do
nothing to kill or die
religion nor
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace …

You may say I’ma dreamer
but I am not alone
I hope someday you’ll join us
and the world will be one.

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
no need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
sharing all the world …

You may say I’ma dreamer
but I am not alone
I hope someday you’ll join us
and the world will live as one.

You already see some imagined, that different human beings we would if we stopped believing that “we must be good” to merit heaven? Because if not condemn us to join the tremendous and eternal burning rumbones pachanga ahead in Hell. As humanity would have been if it had acted out of conscience and conviction and not by this fear, which we still inheriting ancestral society.

Imagine a free world without countries, where there are the damn border, where they call us abroad, where people do not have to die sometimes by the desire or the “dream” of crossing boundaries or territorial boundaries? . There would be no passports or visas, or illegal immigrants “, everyone would be treated as human beings without labels and enarbolariamos perhaps only one flag.

Imagine a world without war?, Where the preservation of peace is our biggest battle. I hate even as the world continues to listen and incited wars, my divorce was so big when I listened to President Bush (I write in lower case to drain), when he attended the funerals of American soldiers killed in “fulfilling their patriotic duty “and in his speeches, calling on these young people” more sacrifice for world peace “, the most incongruous, in my opinion, is that in the United States of America, a soldier and / or younger than 18 years, legally NO YOU CAN BUY AND / OR DRINK LIQUOR OR BUY CIGARETTES that is considered adult, up to 21 years, but this rule does not apply when it comes to training them in the proper use of arms to go and kill in a war.

Imagine a world without religion? . For ever and ever was and will be until we ourselves want, the most effective means of mental domination that exists. Many atrocities have been committed “in the name of God, how many wars and deaths have been caused by religions, the power accumulated some religions and sects over time, and until now I wonder: Was it the greater the benefit to humanity these provided? . You think that Catholic priests, pastors, evangelicals, etc, would welcome me to keep me as a “parishioner” SI NO NI gives them a kind of “charity” O “DIESMO? When that day I see people homeless and without food to sleep and live on the very doors of their churches.

Finally, imagine a world where we all help each other, without selfishness, without envy, without chaos, without possessions? . THIS IS perhaps most profoundly beautiful and dreamlike at a time, the lyrics of this song. Imagine the rich share their wealth with more dispossessed? . Lennon said in an interview to a British newspaper, with regard to this paragraph, as the interviewer called him a “Communist”, by sounding a world, and he said

– The problem is that for ever and ever, the world will not change in my opinion – and Lennon said that the fault lies not with the rich, the problem is that NOT WANT TO LEAVE THE POOR OF DEAL, OR SHARE YOUR POVERTY .

I confirm once again, my skepticism about believing or not in the Zodiac, it may be a trend or a statistical coincidence that the vast majority of people with these personality traits, were born within the limits of the zodiac. As far as I’m concerned, never take me much less importance and swayed by that. But I think they invented the “Treaty of personality matched in a … I’m a dreamer, convicted and confessed …. Aquarian OR NOT, WHAT I AM AND I LOVE to be, and will remain the same, dreaming whenever MORE AND MORE, LIKE ME WHY SONAR, and I think it’s nice to be a dreamer, like Lennon, WHY IS THAT WHEN LEAVE OF SONAR, SE AcAV MIS DIAS, NOW THEREFORE DECREE THAT EVEN DEAD keep ringing …

SIR John Winston Lennon, born on October 9, 1940, in the Oxford Street Maternity Hospital in the city of Liverpool, England. At the same time he was born, the British island was devastated by aerial bombing troops of Nazi Germany. Years later, he happened to immortality as one of the leaders of the band “The Beatles”.

John Lennon was born under the sign of Libra, although many called the most perfect Aquarian.



TORONTO,15 MAY , 2010

Gabo: Chronicle of an Announced farewell

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez has retired from public life for Reasons of Health: lymphatic cancer. Now, it seems, is increasingly Becoming Serious.
I sent a farewell letter to His Friends, and thanks to the Internet is Being spread.

I recommend reading it, Because It Is Truly moving this short text written by one of the most brilliant Latin Americans in Recent Times:

“If for a moment God would forget That I am a rag doll and give me a piece of life, That time would use as I Could.
Possibly Not say everything I think, but i would definitely think everything I say.
I would not for Their value worth Things, But What They Mean.
I would sleep little, dream more, understanding to to For Each That We Close Our Eyes minute we lose sixty seconds of light.
Others would walk When I hold back, When Others sleep awake.

If God give me a piece of life, dress simply, throw me face first Into the sun, baring Not only my body but my soul
A would show men how wrong to think That They Are They Cease to Love When They Grow Old Without Knowing That They grow old When They Cease to Love.
To a child I Shall Give wings, But I Shall let him learn to fly.
A That would teach the old death does Not Come with old age, But with forgetting

So many things I Learned from you, the men … I’ve Learned That Everyone Wants to live on top of the mountain, Without Knowing That true happiness is in how it is scaled.
That I Learned When a newborn child squeezes tiny fist historical, for the first time, the finger of His Father, I Have Trapped him forever.
I’ve Learned That a man has the right to look down on Another When I Have To help her up.

So Many Things I Have Learned from You, But Not Because really be much use When They put me inside That suitcase, Unfortunately I will be dying.
Always say what you feel and Do What You Think.
If I Knew Was the last time today I’ll see you sleep, hug you tightly and pray the Lord to be the guardian of your soul.
If I Knew That These Are the last minute I see you say ‘I Love You’ AND NOT assume foolishly you know it.
There is Always a tomorrow and life Gives Us Another Opportunity to do things right, But if I’m wrong and today is all we have, I would like to say how much I love you, you never forget.

Tomorrow is Not Guaranteed to Anyone, young or old. May today be the last time you see Those you love. So Do Not wait, do it today as if tomorrow never comes, you regret the day Surely Did not take time for a smile, a hug, a kiss and You Were too busy to grant a last wish.

Keep Those you love near you, tell them to hear how much you Need, love her and treat them well, take time to say, ‘sorry’, ‘forgive me’, ‘please’ ‘thank you’ and all words of love you know.

Nobody will remember you for your secret thoughts. Ask the Lord’s Strength and wisdom to express them. “

Gabriel García Márquez

The postman Played twice.

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One of the daily habits That is dying every day out here in North America and the world, is to collect regular mail from the mailbox of the doors of the houses, I mean Precisely That of the traditional physics letters or correspondence Since the inauguration That Pony Express, to sophisticated corporations like Fed Ex, DHL or UPS, Dominated the business of mail delivery in general.

Who Does Not remember with sympathy the neighborhood postman, a character WHO see them every day, Became part of Our Lives, Delivering responsible for letters, envelopes, packages in Their news content May be happy, sad, documents, photos, silver, food, in short, etc. etc. The one I got to see for many years knocking on the door of my house, No Doubt Picturesque Was a very, magnanimous and atypical. The postman Was unbelievable, very popular in the ITS area of distribution, historical Characterized eternal smile and perennial good mood. In the neighborhood Was Known as “Capulina” Himself as the famous Mexican comic cartoons and movies from the golden age of Mexican cinema. Just look fat, good-natured with a mustache similar to the original, and Always Worse When Expressed in prose, and by Demonstrating a cowboy accent, Which at my age it sounder technique Himself as if listening to eight Chavo del Don Ramon and the whole neighborhood together. I Felt a great pride and praise to be Called “Capulina.”

Said I Was a postman atypical, Because I Said That the had “the most Cultivated worldwide trade, Which for him, serve him as a postman Gave The Opportunity to educate as many as HAD Attended Harvard. I wanted to retell That this trade has to do with Harvard?. But my Powers of analysis Was Still in full pubertil Development. The mystery Itself When I rebel one day, After playing a little game of football on the field at my school, and wearing my new shoes buy Hush my father Pupi For A Few Days Earlier, faltered at the intensity of my soccer practice, and ended as police service after-Several years of Pursuing a criminal running, literally With his tongue out.

He Was fond of the series McGiver, Was My Greatest disappointment to see for myself That I Was a fraud, Since They Do Not Like It Is That Could make a bomb, using a chocolate bar, a shoe pin, a stick of matches and a Some gum? … .. ALL THAT IS WRONG …! gum as definitely Not Used to “glue” the soles of my shoes, Even Temporarily, Until You Go Where to get a cobbler.

With Respect to the pins, Because my opinion is less belligerent, I Had to tie around the sole and decorative knot skillfully Invented That looks like a beautiful ribbon, Which Is to Be Achieved confused with the design. And I HAD to solve the incident, and in no way That Could get home and submit to the sermon That I would Give my father saw my shoes so, and THEN ASK Both the location of the Nearest cobbler, one just on me Told Who Attended top of a park.

Road To Where Was the shoe craftsman searched, and when to to cut across, across from the park, look to the roots of a leafy tree berries, I find nothing more and nothing less, resting on ITS patch, and Enjoying the shade, open concentrate book in hand, and quietly paraphrasing what i read, the popular “Capulina.” next HAD briefcase full of correspondence to deal in the next turn, Some Thing That I CAN NOT deliver, on the way Past.

I am instructing … ..- I said.

It Was So Impressive to see the number of journals, books and Other envelopes That fit in a suitcase full of office, illustrations of all kinds, in Several languages, and Other letters from Different parts of the World That Were Not Delivered to recipients. My curiosity Did not stop to ask directly:

Mr. Capulina, That You are reading books That Are Not yours, and so many magazines You Have to Be Delivered And Also catch up?

I Explain ….- Answer.

It Was correspondence and Deliver it twice and found no one, Then Before Returning to the central deposit, “I review the” leaf-through a little “and so take to read and expand my Knowledge. Because When I was a kid Was So Poor , so poor That But When I wanted to read the daily newspaper, no longer HAD That Opportunity, Because When He Was wanted at home, and HAD Taken Another use … .. so frustrated, my vocation and Interest in reading. Over the years, to get this job At The post office, in my early work I got to the store, correspondence Sacrificed Selecting a night shift, and my other colleagues There When They Fell asleep by the natural weariness of hours I took and read Advantage That was everything in store for surrender, Before It Reaches Their the hands of recipients. I read everything from the brochures of Yanbal to Newsweek, pass through my hands Greatest Literary Works of the writers, as well as important documents, money and postal Among Often well Camouflaged cards … .. I knocked on the door twice, if not open we must return correspondence.

And That is not a crime … read Behavior of Others? – Ask and I said categorically AS FOLLOWS:

“The end justifier the means” … .. Carlitos Marx in Das Kapital … … .. “Culture should be accessible to all” … …. Rousseau in The Social Contract “… …

I of course, Never Heard Those names in my favorite TV shows, …. Such and Continue with Eloquence, Saying:

“I have a dream, one dream, keep dreaming. To dream of freedom, justice dream, dream of Equality and hopefully soñarlas Not Have Need for longer. … .. Martin Luther King ….

I Open My Eyes fascinate by listening to the “King” to imagine how great it would be historical crown …

And your boss knows That You read all this? What Would Happen if you learn?– Ask

Maybe I would throw … But as you said Cyrano de Bergerac: Finding my sword, I would stand and die as the trees !!!!! Always Pie … … .. Then I would lose the world and with my bag under the arm cry:

– “Take off cows That life is short” … … Garcia Marquez in One Hundred Years of Solitude … ..

Such paraphernalia Verval, I end up more confused, Because I Could not locate on my TV programs, That such “Martin King,” and Was Even Worse When trying to decipher historical philosophy That if you die holding standing fastened by a sword, rise again and travel the world, with a screaming pack of cows … .. It Was Somewhat complicated.

Finally, to meet Overwhelmed Both the great unknown, I said, I must continue my journey in search of a shoe cobbler Who fixed my broken, and the phrases Citing Continued rare for my poor Knowledge of the time, Stood up and looking the horizon and with a heavy accent or Galician, said:

Walking … walking … Stranger walking … no way, is made by walking … … and looking back, you’ll see the path That Will Never Happen Again … … … .!!!!! Machado

Seeing this guy more and more That Gave him more rope to keep talking, They split in historical personality, and I Began to suspect That Was something bad happening, and Immediately I went There, and Ignoring What the quoted, NOT OCCUR to me back my sight back, That I would be thinking Following, and would continue with STI torture of appointing People who never saw on television.

Limping unintentionally, Occasionally to my destination, and the satisfaction of the Wounded HAVING place described, and Publisher to seeing on display and Other leather sewing machine tools for the repair of shoes, my surprise was great When I Was in the post alone, and only That found a sign said:


Just what I needed, too late, There Was lunch, support a crazy postman, my shoe broke, and the worst return home with a pin around my shoe. Return home Determined to tackle the problem. Along the way, Thought and imagined by recalling the words of this fellow, “Martin King,” and I said:

I have a dream, I dream of freedom … of my right foot is swollen I walk like this … .. I dream Aladdin’s lamp That Appears to look like this !!!!!

Between home, quietly Without Attracting Anyone’s Attention, I went to my room and hid my shoes, and as I Approaches to greet my grandmother, I saw my shoe running through the rooms of my house. It was my shoe in His mouth bitch, Perhaps to see them broken, I take the liberty to vandalized my shoe end ( My pet never Heard of the theory of “broken windows”).

That I think ultimately this “King Martin” Was not a king, holy I Thought It Was, It Was Realized the miracle save me the trouble of Confessing As It Was That my shoe broke, never considers Both my dog like that day it voluntarily Claim “Zapaticidio”, as nobody Expect the whole truth, and my life Was the same as always.

PS: Well, Now That You Know the Truth, please do not tell it to my dad.


The daily bread

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I remember the days of school, high school course, to meet the rising When religieuse task of going to school feeding Begins to turn a routine, so routine That Gives up to Perez continued day by day. I Hated the alarm, the dogs of the Neighbors, the neighbor Who Was a pharmacist, and Sometimes Come to think That by That Time Would Have Contributed anonymously to science, would swear That I Have Done Some experiments with mutant dogs, Because the above Every day at 5:00 am, time is ahead of him at the roosters, Intimidated by Such a scandal That all the roosters in the neighborhood, be still. But Among the urban wildlife HAD That Surround Me in Those Days, etc. Who Had a character if He Was Worthy of admiration, a fellow resident of the house continuously, I had a pet to Horace, a turkey. There Was nothing real, But I do think That the Poor Suffer from a chronic hearing loss, the only animal It Was That Never flinched with noisy barking of dogs with complex cock, Which Gave the time on my morning. Horacio Had a strong complex Those standing watch old movies in black and white, Each hour the clock as bird Announced as Cu-Cu, Turkeys never say only Cu-Cu, If Not CooCooCoobruuujjjjooyyyy.

At home, NOT the exception Either, as a Distinguished Distinguished guest Lived a lady very, very charmosos with manners, flashy and seductive women’s walk with Movements, with a unique taste of gourmet food as Worthy to refine When His Name: Bimba Cooper .. . Well Well Contained in the registration book of vaccines That We got When my grandmother and my brothers we veterinarian. I Remember That day, Which in Veterinary Medicine, Had a sign in the office so naively designed, with huge letters Saying

“The dog is man’s best friend”That phrase struck me, I Was Overwhelmed at the Notion That occurred to me to ask the vet:

Doctor, how many friends you Have …!!

Many.… .- I Replied.

Dissatisfied with His answer, Because I Felt it was very vague, I wanted to know numbers, numbers, Approximate number of friends, Then I replied:

It Means That All Dogs That are Outside Their friends waiting for …?

So is …, all dogs and Children are my friends … !!!!! Because pets are Like Children field, are the mirror image of Their masters … ..!!!! “I said.

But all that Achievement Was With That response to Rebut most of my confusion and my Reasoning eat to the conclusion That I was Right and Bimba And That I Had something in common: Injections panic.

Family discipline, Instill by my father, But jealously guarded by my grandmother, WAS unbreakable, like a good mix angloprusianolatinoinca-American blood (not a salad, But It Seems?), At home writing the word DISCIPLINE …. Well capitalized. We Had a strict and exact times for everything, for breakfast, lunch, watching TV, getting up, sleep, study, to go swimming … .. well, if it fucked There Was a mess all the fights That We in September to go swimming and use the toilet ….There Was only one bathroom.

The torture continued Then, as we shift in daily HAD in distributed equitably, to handle the purchase of bread. How much for putting the money responsabilité Almost Always Accurate (part of the discipline), and bring home unabated The “daily bread”. Since I Was The Oldest of my brothers, I Had That I screwed up with must lead by example, and worst of my brothers took it well to heart That. One of Those Days That I spend the night all night and Voluntary insomnia, Hallucinating a romantic dinner with Brook Shields, Dancing in the moonlight, and telling her ear That Had to shut my feet … eyes, and Actually felt, But Felt something hot …. hairy … Was Bimba, Which was up to my bed and went to sleep at my feet. At dawn I woke up sleepwalking and it was my turn to buy breakfast, and Nearly Unconscious After making a Hideous row to Reach the box and pay, Then go to the balcony where i dispatcher my breads, I Rushed to my bag and distracted Open IT looking at an attractive young woman WHO Shone dress very light for hours, Not only I got distracted, Baker Also X-Rayed (the same style of superman with x-ray vision), and anonymous inadvertently made a mistake and put the breads That I belonger in my bag.

Was the tragedy staged at home, have noticed I Have That Was the incomplete portion, and panic began to seize me when I wanted to guess the future and know WHO the unfortunate. Without Hesitation They all ate, I watched the empty bag Fateful Every minute more, and soon to be empty, someone I Felt After my human presence.

Good Morning, Son … .!!!! – Was my father.

In That Moment, I wanted to go away, disappear, teleport, turn invisible, and so on.

My bread? – Wonder.

I run out of words, look at the ceiling to see if it found them, look at the sides and all sides with a look of dread That Slowly Overwhelmed me, looking for the Appropriate response on the walls in the dining room table, on the books shelf, Which saw a volume of Baldor (math, numbers Were Not serve), Some books Vargas Llosa, Garcia Marques, the Bible and my album collectible figurines World Cup in Germany 74.

But, take air, fill me with courage and daring Bullfighter, I Decided to address the situation as a whole man. And I Told My Father That was the fault of the baker, and Was Not mine.

In the wry grin That made me as I listened to my stories with Apparent Utter disbelief, as I Had to Become Instantly sort of speaker very Virtuous But, Not as much verbiage as I flesh out of my mouth, but my sudden Eloquence Was a failure , believe me. I Think That Would Have lost some money, and buy Therefore incomplete.

My Disciplinary Punishment Was to spend the embarrassment of my Younger brothers to see me as an incompetent, irresponsible, careless, clueless clumsy He Was Able to lose some money with Which I Was Entrusted with the sacred mission of Bringing Our table, “the daily bread . “And” worst “I Was That Be Suspended for two weeks to go shopping Breakfast (Was it for me like a prize).

In this Period of “suspension” my brothers Their voices angrily put Claim What They Thought It Was Not Fair. It’s not fair That I be sleeping more, because i Suspended with over breakfast and I would Not Have to make the purchase in the bakery. And while I enjoyed my days of penance, I Have That have noticed that running a conspiratorial air Between the Behavior of my siblings as if They Were plotting the perfect plot Against Me. I downplayed It Was Difficult to return to routine panaderistica, WHERE Since we four brothers, and if You Were Not Going the Other in order to supply it with one superb and very sibestimante, discard Against Any Successful boycott That They Could get me.

The next day, when i woke up Later, Began I to ask what time it Reaches the bread I’m starving, and look at the calendar That it was up to my brother Robert, but my face change When my mom Told me that Robert Was Not to Buy Before the bread the night I went to an aunt’s house to spend the whole summer, so I Asked To Be Mark, and my mother Told me to forget That Dawne MUMPS, And the doctor said I Have To Go Into Quarantine … … … .. Then send it to Caesar, My Mother Told Me:

As you think, I is too young … you want me to send him a large bill and change stolen … ..!!!

I Told them it took everything to heart, in order to conclude, That day I Lifted the restriction, and I ordered them for Lack of quorum, the Tedious and exclusive daily work of waking up Earlier Than everyone queuing up and fight every day with the bakers, and bring the daily bread on the table in my house.

And That frustrating first morning, my teeth started Scolds WHO to Develop assigned mission, I just stumble Genoveba to donate, the more Cucuphas the old neighborhood, coming Toward me with Bible in hand, and Asked me point blank:

Who Were Our First parents?

– I blinded by the dream, try to remember the names of my grandparents, great grandparents and my great grandparents … … .. and she broke my thoughts replicating:

Adam and Eve.….

Obviously, I roll sermon gabe to express all that Happened in Paradise, Between the snake, the vine leaves, future birth Pangs of Eva (I confess That Even I believe in the stork) and rare species of apples Adam liked to eat … … and the worst thing I Was That REPEATED three times, the sentence to Which He Was the unhappy subject of Adam:

Shalt thou eat bread by the sweat of your brow … … !!!!!!

Since That incident, one day my father Told me and congratulates me I Know That Was proud to assimilate the lesson by far, with More Than That many now every day Always on MORE bread on the table.


I collect with



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